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Tap Into Your Voice Power

When you communicate with passion an important dynamic kicks in. Speaking about what matters most ignites the source of power within and stokes belief. Even when you aren’t sure if it’s right, communication of this sort generates power. Don’t just express what you think or feel, take a stand. What do you have to say? What’s Your Message? From the humblest of beginnings grows a might oak. A simple truth: Heartfelt, grounded, passionate communication grows belief, fills the unfurled sail with wind, and expands personal power within the speaker.

To develop your voice, start where you are and just say it. How do you feel? Hone your message, put your heart and soul into it, say it some more. What happens to your sense of self? Level of belief? Commitment to action? To align your delivery with your message, belief and passion, push yourself. Make it bigger, louder, faster, slower. What’s holding you back? Go into your un-comfort zone. Make it quiet, make it intimate. Where does it feel right? Speak like you mean it.

About Melissa

Melissa Gordon is President of EchelonCommunicate, LLC, a global communication consultancy offering high impact strategic facilitation, training and coaching services to Fortune 100 executives and entrepreneurs. A recognized communication expert, award-winning media producer, and workshop leader, Melissa has worked with some of the world’s most successful organizations, including GE, Coca-Cola, Habitat for Humanity, Emory University, IBM, The Home Depot, and CARE.

EchelonCommunicate is the Leader’s communication company. We’re the trusted source for everything you need to communicate effectively.

To get real results, leaders need to communicate with power and presence. You want to foster collaboration in diverse teams. And you want to inspire your people and align their behaviors with your strategy. We provide the training, coaching and facilitation that will help you communicate so you have the highest possible impact. At Echelon, we’ve worked with thousands of leaders and their teams around the globe. We serve all kinds of organizations – from startups and non-profits to Fortune 100 corporations.

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Point Of View

Powerful communication is the single biggest success driver within an individual leader’s control. Organizations that value their people communicate early, frequently, and in a two-way, transparent conversation. Powerful communicators aren’t all born that way. Not everyone is a charismatic leader… and they don’t need to be. Effective communication is a skill and it can be developed.


Speak Like You Mean It™ I and II

Communicating with Power and Presence

Focus: Find your leader voice, power up your message, hone your delivery

Participants: Individuals and teams / seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders

Length: Two levels – Foundations and Mastery. Both are offered in 1-day (executive overview) and 2-day formats

Offered: Client sites/off-sites; open enrollment in Atlanta, by invitation

This dynamic overview course helps you develop content, gain confidence, and power up your ability to have impact on any audience. Using Echelon’s proven Speak Like You Mean It framework, you’ll learn the six components leaders need to communicate effectively. It’s the perfect incubator to try new techniques. You’ll get and give authentic feedback, learn from your peers and be coached by professionals.

Our immersive, hands-on approach cycles fast to build skills you can use immediately. Content includes:

  • Keys to Power and Presence
  • Relevance, Call to Action and Messaging
  • Persuasive storytelling
  • Repeatable processes for quickly organizing any talk
  • Proprietary frameworks to sustain learning
  • Physical and vocal energy
  • Proven methods to bring your content to life

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You can use the workshop to build skills or work on an upcoming talk. Throughout the process, you’ll deliver several short talks and be videotaped. You’ll enhance your ability to be authentic, be clear, influence and inspire.

Objectives include:

  • Bolster the skills effective leaders must have
  • Energize your audience with your passion, your credibility and your content
  • Hone your message and improve your delivery
  • Sharpen a specific talk so you can deliver it when you leave
  • Gain instant feedback from professional facilitators and peers to make changes on the spot
  • Learn how to activate both sides of the brain for lasting impact
  • Build confidence
  • Make a lasting impression

To see more of how Echelon Workshops can boost your leadership communication capabilities, see


Focus: Speak Like You Mean It™ in bite-sized modules

Participants: Two tracks: Seasoned executives, entrepreneurs and speakers; managers, emerging leaders, and aspiring speakers

Length: Six 2-hour modules held weekly or bi-monthly

Offered: Client sites/off-sites; open enrollment in Atlanta, by invitation

These labs have the same content as Speak Like You Mean It, but in a modular format. Hands-on, intensive practice to build skills you can use immediately.

  • Power up your ability to be authentic, be clear, influence and inspire
  • Sharpen a specific talk that you are working on
  • Gain instant feedback from professional facilitators and peers
  • Hone your message and improve your delivery
  • Energize your audience with your passion
  • Make a lasting impression

To see more of how Echelon Labs can boost your leadership communication capabilities, see

Say It Sessions™

Focus: Private coaching for speakers/presenters

Participants: CEOs, Executives, entrepreneurs / Individuals prepping for an upcoming talk or series of appearances /Seasoned speakers who want to step up to a new level

Length: Sessions from 45 minutes to half-day package

Offered: In person and virtually

Our private coaching is customized to the individual or group to strengthen messaging and nail delivery on a talk you will give within the next business quarter.

The goal is to power up the message, elevate delivery, and drive maximum impact.

Note: This can also work as a group experience with individuals who are all working on a specific piece of communication. Works well as a teambuilding exercise, too. It differs from the SpeakLab experience, which goes through the whole framework, component by component. This program is customized to the client.

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Video For Influencers

Focus: Position individuals as thought leaders or subject matter experts

Participants: Individuals / CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs

Length: 30 to 60 minutes of studio time

Offered: Professional studio in Atlanta once a month

We position you as a thought leader or subject matter expert using award-winning producers who know how to capture you at your best. Your video captures the leader in you – real, memorable, inspiring. Our video package includes:

  • Coaching to help you hone your key messages and bring out your “leader voice”
  • Dress rehearsal to ensure you achieve the on-screen presence you intend
  • Video shoot in a professional studio setting
  • Rapid post-production

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We don’t try to turn you into an actor. We tailor the approach to you – straight to camera and interview format.

A broadcast-quality production team will produce one or more 30/60/90-second clips to bring your content to life. You get speaker coaching and a rehearsal before the shoot, then 30 to 60 minutes of studio time.

This is a cost-effective way to get a very high-quality piece you can use for marketing. Power up your website, a proposal, or a speaker application. Distribute your content to drive leads. Clients often create videos following participation in our Speak Like You Mean It offerings, as a capstone work product.

Echelon Pitch/Present

Focus: Help individuals test and hone their messaging and communication skills

Participants: Groups of 25 to 150 / Leaders, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, executive teams

Length: 1.5 to 2-hour sessions

Offered: Designated meeting locations / Client sites

Echelon Pitch/Present™ has been likened by our clients to Shark Tank™, and is focused on building speaking capabilities. This program makes a great “lunch lesson” or “open mic night” for teams or diverse groups. Speakers and the audience collaborate to learn, practice, and help one another get better at this critical professional skill.

Individuals apply to be a featured presenter. Click here to apply.

Echelon can customize the event to focus on a particular topic or desired skill, such as:

  • Sales
  • Investor Pitch
  • Vision
  • Call to Action
  • My Leadership Journey

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Presenters have a range of skill and experience, from the emerging leader new to the stage, to a veteran speaker trying out new material, to someone passionate about a topic and wants to get the word out.

This dynamic, fast-paced program is a phenomenal learning experience. All participants engage in guided discussion and feedback that will grow the speaker and the audience.

Who should attend?

  • Business professionals who lead or are involved in meetings
  • Entrepreneurs looking to pitch to investors
  • Executives honing companywide messages
  • Business leaders heading up an initiative or project
  • Thought leaders preparing a presentation or speech
  • Professionals seeking new prospects
  • Sales leaders looking to improve their pitch

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Check out our Speak Like You Mean It™ capabilities

Coming Fall 2015

Great leadership and powerful communication go together. Whether you need to boost an individual leader’s ability to connect, build teams that work well together, or align everyone around the strategy, a new book from Melissa Gordon can help. Speak Like You Mean It captures two decades of the author’s experience working with executives, entrepreneurs and their teams to build communication skills and grow them as leaders. The book is based on the highly successful training program of the same name.

A Harvard Business Review study finds that 80% of what executives spend their time doing is… communicating. Everything else is just 20%! Successful leaders deliver extraordinary results. What role does communicating effectively play in their success?

All of these are driven by powerful leadership communication. Speak Like You Mean It shows you how to transform your communication and improve your leadership.

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